Stone Cottage-Ramsgate

The original farm was owned by Mr. Halley Scott.

On proclamation, stand 1086 was purchased by Dr Michael Girdwood in June 1936(the same year proclamation took place) and construction of the house followed soon thereafter. The windows and exterior doors are Burmese teak and the floors and interior doors are Oregon pine. The stone on site provided the main source of construction.

The Girdwood’s used the property for holidays until 1946 when Dr Girdwood and his wife retired and moved from Johannesburg into the house until 1977, when the house was inherited by Dr Michael Girdwood Jr. Since then the property was also let to members of the public.

The street name “Shooters Hill” was chosen by the original Mrs. Girdwood when asked to do so by Mr. Halley Scott. She grew up in a street called Shooters Hill in Oxfordshire, England.

In May 2006 the house was bought from Dr Michael Girdwood by Ruzanne Gouws. She contracted Studio 88 Architects to renovate and modernize the house and in October 2006 the renovations were finished. The result was fantastic - a very unique property was made even more special.